Taming your Web Pages and Tweets

Collections organize the information in your Catalog.

Working with Collections

Find out what is in a Collection and how they are created and managed.

Selecting Items

Find the results you're looking for. Learn how the Outline view works with the other views.

Working with Tags

Use Tags to track Resource items of interest.

Working with Collections

Each Catalog contains multiple Collections. Open the Collections node in the Outline to see your collections.

Collections are made up of Terms. See the Terms documentation for all of the terms. Collections themselves are also terms, so you can create collections that contain other collections.

Within the Collections, there are up to three Collections that are created automatically as the result of searches:


Contains all Queries that have been created from typing Search Term Tags into the Search Field.

Auto Tags

Contains all of the Semantic Types and the Semantic Tags created by the OpenCalais Search Engine.

Tweet Terms

Contains terms used in Tweets. These are either automatically discovered following a search, or collected by the user with the Collect Tweet Terms action.

Selecting Items

In Butterflyzer, what you see in the other views is controlled by what you select in the Outline.

Selecting a Single Item

To select an item:

  1. Use the Show View Menu to hide all of the views except for your Outline and Table View views. (optional).

  2. Perform a Search on the term "Apple".

  3. Open the "Collections" entry in the Outline is it is not already open.

  4. Wait for the "Auto-Tags" entry to appear and then open it. (Butterflyzer will be updating this information constantly as the search progresses.)

  5. Navigate to the "Person" Semantic Type and click on a Person, such as "Steve Wozniak".

  6. Now, all articles within the search for "Apple" that mention "Steve Wozniak" will be in the results menu.

  7. The graph updates with the terms associated with the term "Apple". All of the related terms fit together into a search box.

Selecting Multiple Items

To select multiple items:

  1. Perform the steps in Selecting a Single Item.

  2. Next hold down the ALT (Windows/Linux) or COMMAND (Mac) key, and click on another Person, such as "John Sculley".

  3. Now, all articles within the search for "Apple" that mention either "Steve Wozniak" or "John Sculley" will appear in the Results.

Using Logical Selections

You can control whether Butterflyzer displays items that match any or your Focus Items or all of them. Read about the Selection Matching Mode to find out more about how logical selections work.

To show pages that match all Focus Items:

  1. Perform the steps in Selecting a Single Item and Selecting Multiple Items.

  2. Next, click on the Selection Matching Mode item in the Outline Toolbar and select And.

  3. Now, only those articles that include both "Steve Wozniak" or "John Sculley" will appear.

To return to the default match any behavior:

  1. Click on the Or Menu Item.

  2. Now the results will again include those articles that include both "Steve Wozniak" and "John Sculley".

Working with Tags

You use Tags for searches, but they can also be used to keep track of manually organized Resources. Think of them as like "Folders" for different pages or tweets that interest you.

Create a New Tag

To create a new Tag:

  1. Hover over a Collection. In the

    Menu, select


  2. In the Dialog that follows, give the Term a name.

Move a Tag

To move items to a Tag:

  1. Show the Table View if it is not already showing.

  2. Create a Tag (see above). Perhaps you might want to call it something like "Product Reviews".

  3. Click on an existing Tag in the Outline. For example, you could click on "Apple" from a previous search.

  4. Select articles in the Table View and drag them to the newly created Term.