Installation Notes

  1. This is commercial software. By using this software, you agree to the END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT (EULA) shown when you first launch Butterflyzer. The EULA is available here: If at any point you no longer agree to the terms of the EULA, you must discontinue use of Butterflyzer and remove all copies of Butterflyzer from your system. Among other things, the software is time-limited and there is no promise of future availability. (If you really want it, you know what to do.) We disclaim all liability and there is no warranty.

  2. This is early release software. Expect bugs. Files you create with this version may not work in future versions.

  3. System Requirement: Java 1.6. 4GB+ RAM Recommended.

  4. Butterflyzer requires access to a Twitter account and that you follow us. In addition to needed functionality, this helps us solicit feedback. (You can use a separate Twitter account if you'd rather not use your primary account.) Naturally, we might use your public tweets for marketing purposes.

  5. We don't yet have a full privacy policy, but the bottom-line is that we will not collect or share any information that you do not explicitly provide to us. (Note that the Butterflyzer browser opens to the Butterflyzer site at startup, and of course we do collect the same information for any Butterflyzer site visits that we would for any other browser.)

  6. We use a number of other web APIs from various providers. See the APIs section below. Some of these have rate-limits and other rules, and usage of the Butterflyzer could bump you up against those rate limits, in rare cases temporarily limiting your API access. We try to help you stay on the right side of the line, but as with generic web browsers, Butterflyzer lets you do many things that we can't or don't want to prevent you from doing. One of the big tasks in creating this software is the work required to decode and adhere to the various API Terms of Service. We are making a good faith effort to meet ToS requirements, but more importantly, we want to build strong relationships with service providers and users. If you have specific concerns about compliance or want to build a partnership, please send an email to

  7. You should be especially mindful of user network searches. These will use up your Twitter search quota very rapidly. Generally you should try to use mentions searches whenever possible as these make use of already collected tweets.

  8. This application is designed to work on all major platforms, but it has been tested most extensively on Mac OS X. Your mileage on other platforms may vary.

  9. We build the software, but your contribution is just as important. As a Beta user, please let us know what works and what doesn't. Report bugs and give us feedback. You can post a note to the forums, or just Tweet us at @butterflyzer.

  10. One last thing. Your support of this effort really matters. If you like what you see, help make it happen by spreading the word.