Chapter 2. Installation

Installing Butterflyzer
Download and Open Butterflyzer
Authorization and Security
Twitter Authorization
Installation Notes
Service Providers

Installing Butterflyzer

Download and Open Butterflyzer

To install Butterflyzer, follow these simple steps:

  • If you're using Windows, you'll need to first install the Java JRE. See the Oracle Java web site for details.

  • Download the latest version from the Butterflyzer web site. Pick the version appropriate for your system.

  • Unzip the Butterflyzer download. (Your web browser will often do this for you automatically. The file will be named something Butterflyzer_(System), where System is your operating system and processor.)

  • Move the directory to a convenient folder such as "Applications". Important: Do not remove the "Butterflyzer" application from the "Butterflyzer_(System)" folder. The Butterflyzer application accesses other files within the directory.

  • Double-click on the Butterflyzer application.

  • Please take the time to read the important Installation Notes section below.

Authorization and Security

When you launch Butterflyzer for the first time, you will be presented with a number of screens:

  • Verify that you want to run the application. (This dialog varies by operating system.)

  • Follow Butterflyzer by clicking on the "Follow" button. (This is not the default option.) Why do we require this?

  • Read the License Agreement and click "Agree" if you agree to its terms.

Twitter Authorization

In order for you to use Butterflyzer we require that you authorize the Butterflyzer application to access the Twitter API, and that you follow us on Twitter. Why do we ask this?

  1. We use the Twitter API to search for Tweets, Twitter Authors and other information. Twitter requires that users be authorized in order to use the API. We manage this access for you. Note that we never take actions on Twitter for you without your explicit authorization. Butterflyzer API access is "read-only" except for the following rare cases:

    1. When you agree to follow us.

    2. In the future, we might suggest that you send a message to your followers about Butterflyzer. This would be purely optional.

  2. We use Twitter Followers to measure and track current usage. (We do not track specific usage, for example when you open Butterflyzer, only that you are following us.)

  3. It allows us to solicit feedback and connect with our customers. We respect and appreciate your following us, and we try to make our @Butterflyzer. (We never send Tweets advertising other company's products or services, and try to keep our own Tweets limited, informative, and hopefully interesting.)

  4. Twitter follows are a part of our "viral" marketing strategy. When you follow us, other people are able to see how many people are using Butterflyzer!

If these requirements are an issue for you, you can:

  1. Use a different Twitter account for authorization and to follow us. (We ask that you not do that unless necessary.) Or:

  2. Unfollow us and Deauthorize the Butterflyzer application from within your Twitter account. It is not necessary to launch Butterflyzer to do that. If you choose not to authorize and follow Butterflyzer you must also discontinue using Butterflyzer and remove all copies of it from your system.

We welcome your feedback. Send us a note at