Chapter 3. Help

Butterflyzer's help system is designed to get you the information that you need to understand the task that you're doing now. You can bring up the help window by clicking on

Help button in the toolbar or selecting "Butterflyzer Help" from the Help Menu. To dismiss the help dialog, click the close button ("X") next to the "Butterlyzer Help".

Active Help

To find out about a specific topic, just hover (hold the mouse still for a second) over an interface item. Or click on an item in a view to find out information about the item type. From there you can explore related areas using hyper-links. Click the "Search" button to find all information on a particular topic. Click contents to get a documentation overview.


Get a complete tour of Butterflyzer functionality. Find out how to perform common tasks -- such as Browsing, Searching, Managing Collections, Visualizing the Web, Creating Web Exhibits, and more.


Get detailed information about specific Butterflyzer features, including a Glossary, User Interface, Toolbar and Actions.


Play with some example butterflyzer catalogs.