Chapter 1. About Butterflyzer

Butterflyzer is an integrated desktop application for exploring, collecting, cataloging and visualizing social media and related events. It shares features with Browsers, media clients, and content management tools, but offers much more. It provides powerful analysis and curating capabilities like expensive web-based service providers, but we don't pretend to give you all the answers...we don't even tell you what questions to ask.

Butterflyzer is like an in-house geek, research assistant, and librarian for the web. It can help you find and quickly integrate information you need from various sources -- including Twitter, Open Calais, Topsy, Google Insights, PlaceMaker and other web sources -- allowing you to focus on specific issues and events important to you. Butterflyzer works on all the major platforms and uses open and standards based toolsets and data storage solutions. It's easy enough to be used by everyone, but built on an architecture powerful and scalable enough to serve demanding enterprise level tasks.