The Revolutionary
Content Intelligence Environment

...for when you're not just browsing.

Why settle for a tool designed for "browsing" the web, when what you really need is to dig deep?

Think outside of the Browser™.

Browsers really haven't come all that far since Mosaic. That's because they're stuck thinking about better ways to present single web pages. We think social media browsing should be an integrated, shared experience that takes you outside of the confines of your browser window.

See the web as it was meant to be seen™.

Internet content is a rich graph structure. Why pretend that it's a table? Butterflyzer gives you powerful, easy to use tools that let you see the deep relationships that other tools hide.

  • NotJustBrowsing
  • ThinkOutside
  • SeeTheWeb

The Story So Far...

When we introduced Butterflyzer we knew it was a powerful and unique tool. But there are plenty of innovative products that just never found a market. With everything invested in product development, there wasn't much left over for sales and marketing. So we decided to take a unique approach to market testing. We turned to social media with this message:

Butterflyzer is in Alpha now. Before we release more polished versions, we need to know if people really want it. So if you like it and want to see a full version, follow us on twitter, and tell your friends. If we get 10 followers we'll release an alpha version. If we get 100 followers we'll release a beta. If we get 250 followers, we'll make a nicely packaged version available commercially at a decent price. Simple as that.

So far, so good.

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